Uncle Kal's Tracks

At the New Uncle Kal's Model Car Raceway we have five great tracks, The long and fast Engleman, the short Korkscrew Roadcourse, the Hillclimb, the 32nd Scale Roadcourse and the all new Drag Strip.


The Dragstrip

This is the newest addition to Uncle Kal's, and was custom built.

It features a super smooth surface and is very fast.


The Englemann

The Engleman is a classic design, and our track is one of the finest examples around.

Most of the corners are flat, and beware of the esses right out of the deadman turn.


The Hillclimb

The Hillclimb is a short donutless hillclimb with very little banking.

This tracks hosts most of our birthday parties, and on Fridays hosts our Rally Car races.

This track also features magnetic braid.


The Korkscrew

This is currently the only active flat track in Southern California. This is a custom designed 95' track built by Best O The West.

The Korkscrew features magnetic braid, so is great for both 24th and 32nd scale slot cars of all types.


The 32nd Scale Roadcourse

The 32nd Scale Roadcourse track is a small but challenging custom design built by Best O The West.

It features magnetic braid so is great for plastic homeset cars and 32nd scale race cars.