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Roadcourse Series

Pictures from round 1 of the 2002 Roadcourse Series, March 3rd 2002
held on the Uncle Kals Korkscrew Track

Click here to read the race report and to see the results.


1/24 PlaFit race. L to R Roy Hood, Jonathon Forsyth, Phil Phillips, Paul Abbey, Steve Forsyth, Greg Gilbert and John Emmons

Steve, Greg and John showing the strain of a not so close pla-fit race.


The rest of the 1/24 pla fit field, with Paul Abbey (2nd from right) showing just how fast he is going these days.

The great hard working volunteer turn marshalls waiting for the strat of another race.


Greg Gilbert caught in action during a lane change.

Another "action" shot of the pla-fit race.


The Group 10 cars awaiting qualifying. There are 2 cars missing in the great 9 strong turnout.

The whole Group 10 field right before the start.



Most of the Group 10 field, L to R John Emmons, Steve Forsyth, Paul Abbey, Greg Gilbert, Casey Scott, Jonathon Forsyth, Roy Hood. missing are Phil Phillips and Chris Radisich.

The starting 8 of the Group 10 field, with only Chris Radisich (sitting out) missing.


Some of the GT 12 Field in Tech

Gt 12's after Tech waiting for their drivers.



Team Forsyth and Hood GT 12 cars.

The GT 12 field waiting for qualifying.


6 of the 7 strong Eurosport field, a great turnout for the first Eurospor series race in SoCal for a long time.

The Eurosport field waiting to go. Visible R to L are Alan Ohren, Jason Stone, Greg Gilbert and Roy Hood. Missing are Steve Forsyth, Chris Radisich and Jonathon Forsyth.

More pictures to come soon