Uncle Kal's Presents the 2004 Fall Classic
October 29th, 30th, 31st 2004.

The Schedule

The all new Fall Classic starts on Friday October 29 at 4:00pm

Friday Oct 29th :
Falcon Motor Indy Cars on the Hillclimb
C-Can Motor Indy Cars on the Engleman

Saturday Oct 30th :
Doors open @ 8:00am  Racing starts @10:00
USRA 4.5" NASCAR  on the Hillclimb
Junior and Senior Deathstars on the Engleman
Sport Trucks on the Korkscrew

Sunday Oct 31st :
Doors open @ 8:00am  Racing starts @ 10:00
USRA GT-1 on the Engleman
USRA GT-12 on the Engleman
1/24 Eurosports on the Korkscrew
World/Group 12's on the Engleman


Uncle Kal's Fall Classic -Classes and Rules

Indy Cars-Falcon class, any Indy car chassis allowed. Must use a Falcon motor. Any tires, must have rolling front wheels. Fully painted body w/driver. Race numbers required. Any gear ratio. Spur gear must clear the chassis.

C can Indy cars Must use spring steel Indy/Formula 1 chassis. Any brand. Your choice of armatures, Sportsman, Contender or Super Wasp. All other rules from Falcon class apply.

GT-1, GT-12, 4" and 4.5" NASCAR-Current SoCal USRA rules apply. Spur gear must clear the chassis. No other clearance rule.

Deathstars-Uncle Kal's house rules apply. Jr.'s must run a 9 tooth, 48 pitch pinion. Seniors may use any gear ratio. Motors may not be opened. You may replace brushes and motor springs. Jr.'s may run Wing style bodies. Seniors must run GTP bodies. Bodies must be fully painted. Same clearance rules as above classes.

Sport Trucks-Any 4" flexi, stamped steel chassis. May replace pan with aluminum version. Must use a Falcon motor. Any tires, gears, axles you wish. Body must be fully painted JK pickup truck. Must have driver and racing numbers. Must have minimum 1/8" front bumper and you must leave tailgate intact. Same clearance rules as above classes.

Eurosport-Current USRA National rules apply.

World/Grp. 12 Wingcars- Current Uncle Kal's house rules apply. Car must weigh at least 72 grams.

House racing rules-No abuse of turn marshals, race director or fellow racers will be allowed. Any such abuse will result in instant disqualification. Race director or manager on duty has final say in any question regarding above. We all know what abusive behaviour is, don't scream at people, don't call the race director an idiot, etc. We promote a family friendly atmosphere at Uncle Kal's, anyone not able to control themselves is asked to not attend.

All drivers MUST turn marshal. Your marshalling duties will be determined by the race director. Any dereliction of turn marshaling duties will result in deductions of any prizes due the racer.

Entry fees-All classes with the exception of Jr. Deathstar and Eurosports will be $10.00 with an 80% payout in race bucks. Payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places only.

Jr. Deathstar fees remain at $5.00 with a 100% payout. Payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places only.

Eurosports-$25.00 entry fee with 80% cash payout. Payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places only.

Rules are subject to change.