2002 USRA Division 2 (Scale) Nats

The 2002 USRA Division 2 (Scale) Nats were held at Electric City Raceway in South Carolina April 8-11 2002. Five Uncle Kal's racers attended including Alan Ohren, Roy Hood, Greg Gilbert, Steve Forsyth and Jonathan Forsyth.

Alan Ohren was the most successful Uncle Kal's racer taking wins in 4.5" NASCAR and GT 12 with 2nd in GTP and 4th in Eurosport 24th. He also took 6th in GT 1.

Greg Gilbert took a win in the GTP class, and 2nd in 24th Eurosport and 6th in 32nd Eurosport.

Roy Hood took  4th in the SoCal dominated GTP race, 5th in the GT 1 race, 5th in 32nd Eurosport  and 7th in GT 12.

Steve Forsyth made his first Nats Expert Main in the GTP class, finishing a credible 7th in a strong field.

Jonathan Forsyth was also competing in his first Expert USRA Nats and ran competitively in all of his races.  At only 11 years, and already racing with the biggest names in US racing, Jonathan is a real star of the future.

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